8056 Steam shower with jacuzzi whirlpool bathtub 150X150

Experience luxury with our premium shower cabin.  Customizable options include steam generators and various back wall glass designs. Upgrade your range with our high-quality shower cabin.


Glass Type

Tempered glass, Thinckness can be customized


Aluminum frame, color can be customized

Open Style

Sliding Shower Door

Port of Load

Ningbo / Shanghai, China

Payment Term

T/T , L/C, Cash

Product Details:

Boost Your Inventory with Our Premium Shower Cabin Unit

Our shower cabins are more than just showers; they’re comprehensive wellness solutions that bring spa-like luxury to any bathroom. Here’s why they’re an excellent addition to your product range。


  • Computer Control Panel: Effortlessly control the fan, radio, speakers, and light for an enhanced shower experience.
  • Ventilation Fan: Maintains a comfortable atmosphere inside the shower.
  • FM Radio & Surround Sound Speakers: Make shower time more enjoyable with entertainment options.
  •  LED Lighting: Adds a touch of luxury and ambiance.
  • Shower Mixers:  Control Hot and cold water.
  • Oversized Shower Head & Hydro Shower Jets:  Enjoy a spa-like experience with a wide spray and soothing massage jets.
  • Mirror: The Mirror adds romance.
  • Storage Shelf: Store essential bath products with ease.
  • Smooth-rolling Shower Door Wheels: Ensures a smooth and quiet operation.
  • Choice of Shower Tray Colors: Customize the shower units to match bathroom decor.
  • Foot Massage Feature: Adds value and appeal to the shower unit.
  • Handy Shower Bar: Ideal for hanging towels and other items.


  1. Computer with Bluetooth: Sync your devices for seamless control and entertainment during your shower.
  2. Optional Steam Shower Generators: Customize your shower experience with the addition of steam generators, available upon request.
  3. Jacuzzi,
  4. Air bubble


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